Witteren combo machine

The ADA Compliant Refreshment Center Combo Vending Machine is a proven performer for dispensing a wide variety of cold foods and drinks. Unit features 29 Selections – 20 Snacks & 9 Drinks (4 can & 5 bottle). Equipped with the latest in electronic controls, premium coin changer and bill acceptor, as well as our money back vend sensing technology, this machine is a great choice for serving your locations.


  • Adjustable flex trays accommodate popular product packages
  • Adjustable temperatures zones for snack & beverage
  • Delivers plug-in ready – Just set prices and operate
  • LED lighting
  • Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Ready
  • 217 food item capacity – 94 chip/pastry, 123 candy &136 beverages, plus additional 56 inside pre-cooled drawer!


We offer vending machine placement services. Meaning we install, service, replenish, and sanitize our machines at no cost to you! At this time we currently do not sell machines just placement services.



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